Born in Kiev Ukraine, Anya Katsevman has been living in the United States since 1993. She began her dance training at the age of ten with International latin ballroom. Anya won numerous national and international titles as a competitive latin dancer as well as starred in touring shows Burn the Floor and Dancing with The Stars.

After finishing a successful career in the International Latin ballroom, Anya began dancing salsa in 2007. With then partner, Luis Aguilar, Anya has become undefeated two time World Champion, as well as teacher, choreographer, performer and judge at festivals and events worldwide. Anya has also danced with latin artists El gran Combo and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

Often referred to as the teacher of teachers and maker of champions, Anya has single handedly trained more than 20 world champions in salsa bachata ranging from soloists to teams to couples to cabaret. Now extending her unparalleled coaching services to everyone via her online membership called the champions club.

Anya has Most recently been seen on stage with the king of mambo Eddie Torres and coaching the top dancers and teachers in the industry, elevating them to their next level which often includes their debuts on broadway, tv shows and winning championships.

Anya is sought after for judging, choreographing, producing, staging, designing, and helping develop artists, professionals and dancers of all levels in all genres of the entertainment industry.

Anya is also a recognized life coach and intuitive energy reader, healer and mentor using reiki, spirituality and  her method called godeeper a dance based wellness program to help people develop in their business and personal endeavors. Anya also Focused a lot of her time on working with women and helping them embody sensuality and reconnect with their divine feminine energy one on one and with her program called turned on.


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